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Reading and Blogging Resolutions for 2011

I have really enjoyed blogging these last 6ish months. It's been a great experience. I've learned a lot, met a lot of great new people, gotten a lot of great book recommendations, and become more active in a community filled with people who get me.

But, I want to make the new year even better, now that I've sort of gotten the hang of this. So, here are my 2011 blogging and reading resolutions:

1. Expand the Memory Monday idea. I really want to get other people and bloggers to guest post their memories (which is something I'll make clearer next Monday) I'm really hoping to have lots of people offering their special reading memories.
2. Set up reviews in advance. I write most of my reviews the night before I post it, but when I do manage to schedule posts several days in advance, I've loved it. I feel like it works better, so I want to have bunches of posts saved up and ready to go if needed.
3. Read more of what I want to read, and be more careful with which books I agree to review. Some of the books I've agreed to review aren't what I want to read right now, which severely limits my ability to start them, get interested in them and enjoy them. But, I feel bad when they sit there forever, so I feel like I have to force myself to read them. So, I'll be a lot more selective.
4. Comment of more of the blogs that I read, and pay more attention to the details in their reviews. Meaning read more, skim less and respond lots.

I have more ideas tossing around, but am not yet totally sure how to phrase them all. I'll leave it here for now, and might come back and add more. But, here are my 2011 Resolutions. What are yours?

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