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Let the Read-a-Thon Begin!!

I believe I mentioned in a previous post that I'm going to be participating in The Bookish Type and Book Savvy 's Out with a Bang Read-a-Thon.

It runs for three days, the 29th-31st and there are going to be mini-challenges hosted each day. It's now midnight, officially the 29th, so here we go!

I am especially excited for this read-a-thon, because I haven't been reading as much lately as I have previously/would like. I've been rather unmotivated to read, and I sometimes feel that I can't be reading what I really want to read, because I now have reading obligations, which is a new thing for me.

Also, I rarely watch TV, while my BF loves it. She decided that I needed to watch at least one or two episodes of Criminal Minds, because she loves it and thinks it's something I would like, and I definitely enjoy it. So, I've been watching online episodes and seriously... that show is addictive. But, it does cut into my reading time.

So, I'm anxiously excited for these three days of reading time. I'm not going to watch any online episodes, spend time doing anything online that isn't related to books and reading beyond checking my email and am going to devote my upcoming days to reading and reviewing.

I plan to read between 6-10 books, as a conservative estimate and I want to get at least semi-caught up on my reviews. I have several books that I've read recently that have not yet gotten reviewed, and I want to change that.

So, my goals for these next few days include:

1. Read a lot of books.
2. Write at least 10 reviews — this can include some from what I'm now reading.
3. Update my Books I've Read in 2010 page. (all my links disappeared)
4. Create a reading challenge page.
5. Explore Twitter. I have avoided Twitter for a long time, but think I might need to rethink the non-tweeting thing. Anyone have any advice for me on that?

A tentative list of the books I plan to try and read include:

* Brooklyn Story — Suzanne Corso (319 pages)
* North of Beautiful — Justina Chen Headley (373 pages)
* Princess of Glass — Jessica Day George (257 pages)
* The Ropemaker — Peter Dickinson
* Postcards from No Man's Land — Aidan Chambers
* The Perilous Gard — Elizabeth Marie Pope
* The Olympic Charioteer — Helena Schrader
* Numb — Sean Ferrell
* The Inner Circle — Brad Meltzer
* One Day in the life of Ivan Denisovich — Alexander Solzhenitsyn

* The Memory Bank — Carolyn Coman (279 pages)
* Willow Run — Patricia Reilly Giff (160 pages)
* America the Beautiful — Sri Chinmoy (105 pages)
*The Short Second Life of Bree Tanner — Stephenie Meyer (178 pages)

Hopefully, I'll be able to read even more than just what I have listed here. I'm hoping to get a lot accomplished in the next three days. Wish me luck!!

Is anyone else participating?! I'd love to hear from you! Let me know what your plans are!

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